Response to the Review of Protect Life 2 Strategy by the Department of Health

Sara Boyce

Language: English

Publisher: PPR

Published: Apr 2, 2024


Suicide is a major public issue in our society. Each death by suicide is a preventable rather than an inevitable death. Every single death causes devastation to the family and friends affected, but also impacts the wider community and society as a whole. 

The causes of suicide are complex, but we know that a number of factors, including trauma, abuse, poverty, unemployment and discrimination in its various forms, increase the risk of death by suicide. Rates of death by suicide are over three times higher in deprived communities than in wealthy areas.

A societal response is needed, one that addresses the underlying drivers of despair and hopelessness that lead to suicide. To do that we need a high level, properly resourced, cross-departmental Strategy.

These are the reasons why the Protect Life 2 Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm Strategy needs to be effective and has the data to support that. 

In this context New Script for Mental Health is extremely concerned by the absolute lack of transparency and accountability surrounding the Department of Health’s decision to extend Protect Life 2 Suicide Prevention and Self-Harm Strategy.