Written Submission from PPR & New Script for Mental Health to the Public Accounts Committee for its Inquiry into Mental Health Services

Sara Boyce

Language: English

Publisher: PPR

Published: May 10, 2024


Profoundly serious issues exist in relation to mental health data. These issues have been highlighted by both the Office for Statistics Regulation in 2021 and by the NI Audit Office in 2023.

The issues highlighted reflect the experience of PPR and New Script for Mental Health. Indeed, activists have been highlighting these issues for many years now.


Without the availability of timely, accurate, reliable, coherent, and comparable data, it is impossible to plan services effectively. It is impossible to assess outcomes. It is impossible for politicians and the public to hold the Department of Health and the Health Trusts to account for how public money is being spent. This is the current situation regarding mental health data.